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Surgery-Free Shoulder Recovery: A Journey with Dr. Brian Barnett

Posted on March 15, 2024

Brian had endured a year of persistent shoulder problems. He was searching for an alternative to surgery, but without much luck. His quest led him to the care of Dr. Brian Barnett at Panorama Summit, where a unique and holistic approach to medicine would redefine his experience. 

Referred by another physician at Panorama Summit who advocated for alternative treatments, Brian made an appointment with Dr. Barnett.  After taking the time to thoroughly understand Brian’s situation and goals, Dr. Barnett recommended a non-surgical approach: bone marrow aspirate (BMA). While this was a viable alternative to surgery, the idea of BMA initially triggered some hesitation for Brian. However, Dr. Barnett’s unwavering confidence and genuine concern for his well-being helped alleviate his uncertainty.  

The outcome greatly surpassed Brian’s expectations. Brian recalled, “the recovery was exactly what Dr. Barnett predicted. The soreness in my shoulder increased for a while, and then after about a week, I was back to where I was before surgery. I stayed very committed to physical therapy and then eventually it started to get better.”  

As the weeks progressed, Brian noticed slow but steady improvement. The recovery wasn’t an instantaneous process, but Dr. Barnett had foreseen this. “After three months, he said, ‘that’s when I really started to feel it work,” Brian explains. Despite occasional discomfort, his shoulder issues became episodic rather than chronic. Brian remains committed to strengthening his shoulder, recognizing the need for ongoing maintenance. He reflects on his dedication to therapy, drawing on past experiences with ten surgeries and emphasizing the importance of physical therapy in the recovery process. 

Today, Brian has regained the majority of his shoulder’s range of motion, without fighting the chronic pain that had been his life. “I don’t feel limited anymore,” he explains. “I have to be a little careful working out, like they say, ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint.’ But other than that, I’m playing golf, I can put my arm up over my head to get things off of the shelf and so forth.” 

Brian’s care didn’t stop with his shoulder. During a routine shoulder follow-up appointment with Dr. Barnett, Brian shared that he had been experiencing severe plantar fasciitis. After receiving an injection without ultrasound guidance from a previous podiatrist, he began feeling intense pain. Dr. Barnett, displaying immediate concern, utilized ultrasound to assess the inflammation and scheduled a guided injection within three days. This swift and precise intervention highlighted Dr. Barnett’s dedication to addressing all aspects of his patients’ well-being.  Brian reflects, “He’s really interested in helping you with whatever’s going on,” highlighting the depth of Dr. Barnett’s patient-centric approach. 

Throughout his experience, Brian highlighted the team’s professionalism, warmth, and genuine concern. His interactions with the staff, from the front desk to the medical professionals, left an indelible impression. Brian emphasizes, “You don’t feel like you’re one of a million patients—they give you a strong sense that they have a personal interest in you.” 

Having experienced outstanding care, Brian wholeheartedly recommends Dr. Brian Barnett and the Panorama team to individuals facing orthopedic challenges. Encouraging those considering alternative treatments, he says, “If you’re going to fix that inconvenience, go give some thought to talking to him.” Brian’s journey with Panorama and Dr. Barnett has been transformative, emphasizing the impact of personalized and holistic care on both orthopedic concerns and overall well-being. His testimonial serves as a testament to the exceptional care received at Panorama, guiding others in making informed decisions about their healthcare.